Foundational Blueprint for
2023 Interoperability

PDG’s Foundational Blueprint for 2023 Interoperability provides a crucial framework for implementing the DSCSA's 2023 interoperability requirements and establishing business and compliance requirements believed necessary for efficient interoperability in line with the DSCSA's intentions.

PDG Blueprint Chapters

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Chapter 1

Understanding of Compliance Requirements and Baseline Business Requirements

Building on the statutory requirements of the DSCSA, Chapter 1 defines PDG’s business and compliance requirements for 2023 interoperability.
Chapter 2

Functional Design

Chapter 2 defines the overarching functional design of the PDG-defined EDDS network: PDG’s view of the optimal functional design that meets the compliance and business requirements defined in Chapter 1.
Chapter 3

TI/TS Exchange Functional Design

The TI/TS exchange functional designs in this chapter provide detailed information on how the TI/TS Exchange components of the PDG-defined EDDS network will function.

Chapter 4

Product Identifier Verification Functional Design

This Product Identifier Verification Functional Design provides detailed information on how electronic PI Verification functional components of the PDG-defined DSCSA EDDS network operate.

Chapter 5

Tracing Architectural Functional Design

This Tracing Functional Design chapter provides functional design and requirements to be implemented by trading partners, authorities, and trace solutions to trace product, including the PDG-defined request-response protocol to support interoperability.
Chapter 6

Credentialing and User Authentication

This chapter defines functional designs for implementation of credentialing processes to ensure the authorization and identity of trading partners and others.
Blueprint Appendices

Appendix A: PDG Blueprint Glossary

Appendix B: DSCSA State License Status Analysis​

Appendix C: DSCSA Tracing Request/Response Schemas

Other PDG Materials
PDG Points of view

PDG Points of View are educational resources that provide trading partners further insights on interoperability. These documents do not represent formal PDG positions and have not been ratified by the full PDG membership.

PDG Point of View on Waivers, Exceptions, and Exemptions

Tracing SOP Considerations

Communications and Corrective Actions Between Trading Partners

DSCSA and Business Continuity Planning

EPCIS Connection Configuration

DSCSA EPCIS Connection Configuration Template

This template allows solution providers to significantly expedite the onboarding of additional trading. Each solution provider—not PDG—will continue to define the specifics of their respective connection, but this standardized template will help them consistently communicate those connection methods. We hope solution providers will utilize this new template immediately, and we hope trading partners will encourage their solution providers to do so as well.

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